First make a choice if you like to shoot confetti or blow confetti. If you shoot confetti you get a spectacular effect that the crowd will not expect. The confetti will fall down slowly which is an amazing effect. If you like to blow confetti, you can get a longer effect and create magical rain of confetti like for example 30-60 seconds or even longer if you like.

To shoot confetti you can choose for a GUN, a POWERSHOT or a STADIUMSHOT.

To blow confetti with an electric blower you can chose for a CLUBBLOWER for small size venues or a STADIUM BLOWER for larger venues. Or chose for a SWIRLFAN which is a silent machine that spreads confetti from a truss. To blow confetti with CO2 (without electric power) you can chose for a STADIUM BLASTER. CO2 is more powerful compared to electric blowers and there will be white CO2 smoke coming out of the machine.

! Always check the output of the machines and check if your area is big enough for the output of the machine. Check the user manuals of the product to see the exact output and safety distance. Or give us a call and we would be happy to give you the best advice.
Check the specifications of the confetti machine you like to use and check its consumption.
The STADIUMSHOT is designed to use at large outdoor festivals and events or in stadiums. You can use it indoor but only for large indoor venues with a minimum height of 12m (for shooting confetti) and 25m for shooting streamers. Always check the output, which type of filling you need, and the safety distance in our user manual.
The machine uses 0,5kg of CO2 per second. Meaning you can blow around 60 seconds with a 30kg CO2 bottle. If you like to blow confetti for a longer duration you can connect multiple CO2 bottles. Connect 2 bottles to the machine by using a CO2 Combiner or 4 bottles by using a Distribution block, 4x 3/8 in, 1x 3/8 out.


Although the effect looks like real fireworks, it is not. A spark machine blows special spark powder, which is heated, into the air. No fireworks or ignitors are used.
Always create a safety zone with a distance of 3m around the machine. Furthermore keep a clearance distance of 2m from the set effect height.
With one bag of Sparxtar powder (100g) you can blow sparks for approximately 5 minutes. We advise to use two bags of powder (200g). You can always save the leftover sparxtar powder by using the powder removal funnel.
It is important that the SPARXTAR is emptied fully after use and before transportation. Our advice is to empty the hopper and activate the effect again until it runs dry to make sure all internal powders are removed as well. There is also a purge function that can either be started manually in the menu when the machine is cold or with your DMX controller when the machine is warm. A tutorial how to do this can be found over here:
It is important that the SPARXTAR is fully emptied after use and before transportation. When powder remains within the system there is a small chance that the internal funnel gets clogged. To empty the SPARXTAR you’ll have to remove the powder from the hopper and activate the ‘purge’ function with your controller or let the effect run until no sparks are visible anymore.
Whenever the funnel does get clogged we have created a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to unclog the machine. The tutorial can be found using this link:
It takes about 12 minutes for the SPARXTAR to heat up.


The current version of the POWER DROP uses 30W each which means that it is technically possible to link 122 units on a one 16A fused power supply.
Earlier versions of the POWER DROP used 100W, for those we recommend not to use more than 35 units on a single 16A fused power supply.
We recommend to use 20kgs maximum. The POWER DROPS are tested up to 20kgs.
We recommend to keep 1 meter distance between POWER DROPS. It can hold up to 20kgs each however if the distance is more than 1 meter the curtain will sag.


RED BUTTON: 16A. Total 3600W
FX COMM4NDER: Max 5A per outputs, up to 16A in total.
Yes, no problem! This is a universal key and can be ordered separately. Part nr. PART00387.
The SFX SAFETY ARM CONTROLLER is designed to safely operate SFX and it is needed for both the FLAMEBLAZER as well as the STADIUMSHOT III. These machines are dangerous and can cause serious injury or even death when a fired if a person stands to close to it. According to the European machinery directive dangerous machines must be connected to an E-Stop system at all times. Besides it works safe when SFX crew needs to refill machines.


CO2 Jets need to be connected to CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) gas cylinders which are listed as dangerous goods. That is why CO2 Jets are listed as professional products which we only supply to professionals. We believe CO2 can only be installed and used by professional companies who know how to work with CO2 safely and according to the regulations. If you are aware of how to install and use a CO2 system safely you can use CO2 Jets. If not, contact a professional company who can.

The answer is yes. Using, storing and transporting CO2 cylinders should be done by professional companies according to the regulations. An accident can quickly hurt or even kill people.

Yes, but it depends on the type and size of the area and the quantity of CO2. If the area is large enough and well ventilated it is possible. If too much CO2 is used in a room and the concentration gets too high, there is a risk of oxygen deficiency, which can cause suffocation. We recommend to use a CO2 meter when CO2 is used indoors. Always contact your CO2 supplier for advice if CO2 can be used in your area.

You can get CO2 gas cylinders from an official certified CO2 supplier. Air Products, Air Liquide, Linde gas or Jewagas are professional CO2 suppliers which we recommend.

Use gas cylinders with liquid Co2 and a dip-tube.

Contact your CO2 supplier for more info.

One CO2 Jet consumes around 0,5kg CO2 per second.
A CO2 Gun uses 0,3kg per second.
A CO2 Power Jet uses around 2kgs CO2 per second.

Depending on how many CO2 devices you like to use and how many shots you would like to shoot you can calculate how many CO2 bottles you need.

If you like to blow confetti for a longer duration you can connect multiple CO2 bottles. Connect 2 bottles to the CO2 device by using a CO2 gas bottle combiner or 4 bottles by using a Distribution block, 4x 3/8 in, 1x 3/8 out.

You are probably using the wrong CO2 gas bottles. If you are using standard CO2 bottles you will hear a loud sizzling noise but you will only blow gas and not get the white smoke effect. You need liquid CO2 gas bottles with a dip tube. Try a CO2 bottle with a dip tube. If you have a liquid CO2 bottle with dip tube and still have this problem, the dip tube is probably broken. Try another CO2 bottle with dip tube.

The effect of CO2 depends on humidity. When the air is extremely dry the effect might only be a few meters. While it can be more than 10 meters when the humidity is high.
If you are using CO2 Jets indoors try to store the CO2 bottles in an area with the same temperature as where the CO2 Jets are installed.

For the CO2JET II we have a specially designed low-noise nozzle available which produces 10 decibels less noise. If you use a low-noise nozzle plus an extended tube, it will even produce 20 decibels less. Check the accessories on the CO2JET II page.

A CO2 BACKPACK is suitable for a small 6kg CO2 cylinder with a maximum of 15cm diameter. Longer straps are available for a cylinder with a diameter up to 21cm. You will need 2 straps. The product code is: SFX1138.


There are two materials to create snow effects. Artificial (paper) snow or foam based snow made from special snow fluid. Paper snow can be used for decoration or used for a falling snow effect. We offer 2 types of paper snow. Small pieces of 10x10mm or crunched paper snowflakes. Both types are flameproof and can be blown in the air by using a CLUBBLOWER, SWIRL FAN or STADIUMBLOWER. We also offer handheld shots and electric shots filled with paper snowflakes.
To create a realistic snow storm with foam based snow liquid you can use a SNOWBOX (5-8m) or SNOWCASE (15m). This snow fluid is made of a foam based liquid which is biodegradable and non-slippery.
Paper snow stays on the ground and needs to be cleaned after the show. Foam based will not stay on the ground for a long while and will evaporate. When it is cold outside it takes longer before it will evaporate. When it’s warm it evaporates faster.
The SNOWBOX uses 0,2L per minute. With 1 can of 2,5L you can blow snow for 12,5 minutes.
The SNOWCASE uses 1L per minute. With 1 can of 20L you can blow snow for 20 minutes.


Bubbles are made of a soap based bubble fluid. When bubbles fall down on peoples clothes there will be a little bit of soap residue. However, we do not use dyes so you won’t see it and it won’t leave permanent stains.
Yes. Bubbles are made of a soap based liquid. When the bubbles fall down on for example a flat/dance floor the floor will get slippery. Keep a safety distance of 5 meters in front of the machine for the crowd.


Flame machines are listed as professional products. Meaning these machines can only be ordered by professional companies who know how to install and use flame systems safely. If you are interested in getting a training how you could use flame machines safely, please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.
Flame machines can be used indoors but only in large indoor venues and depending on the free height of the area and available safety distance. Check the user manuals of our flame machines for the flame heights and safety distances.
We offer the STAGE FLAME which is a gas flame machine. It uses propane gas from a gas bottle or spray cans which fit inside the machine. The STAGE FLAME produces flames and flame balls from 3m up to 6m high.<br/>
The FLAMEBLAZER and HELLFIRE are liquid flame machines. Liquid flame machines use flammable liquid like Isopropanol (ISOPAR) or Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). Liquid flames are more narrow compared to gas flames and go into the air faster. The FLAMEBLAZER blows flames of 6, 8 or 10m in the air (depending on if you use a S, M or L nozzle), The HELLFIRE blows flames 15m in the air.
The STAGE FLAME is actually a 2 in 1 flame unit. You can chose to use external propane gas bottles and connect them to the flame units by a propane hose. Or you can chose to install spray cans that fit inside the unit. It is even possible to use an external bottle plus a spray can inside and blow bigger flames of 6-8m. For the spray cans you can use the MAGIC FX spray cans or a 445gr. camping gas bottle (cartouche) with a screw thread on it.
With the MAGICFX® STAGE FLAME Spray Can you can blow 80- flame balls. With a camping gas bottle you can blow about 200 flame balls.
When you use propane gas bottles it depends on the size of the gas bottle. They come in many different sizes. With a 10kg propane bottle you can blow more than 1.000 flame balls.
The consumption of flame fluid depends on which nozzle you use. Please find an overview of each nozzle below:
S nozzle (6m) 12ml/second
M nozzle (8m) 30ml/second
L nozzle (10m) 50ml/second
No, our flame machines need to be connected to a wired E-stop system according to the European machinery directive. In case of a dangerous situation there should always be an E-stop to shut down the flame unit.
The safety distance for flame sfx depends on the flame machines, the position where they are installed, the situation and environment. Please check the user manual of your flame unit to check the correct safety distance.


Yes! The effect is just as explosive and powerful as that of traditional CO2JETS! This is because the ECO2JET has a special nozzle, with a powerful built-in turbo fan that blows the smoke into the air at high speed. This gives you the same speed and, as with CO2, the smoke does not stick around for long. The ECO2JET uses a specially developed smoke liquid which produces a thick smoke effect that is white in colour and disappears quickly at the same time, just like CO2.
Yes definitely! With the 360° ECO2JET Bracket (MFX1802), you can make the ECO2JET shoot in any direction. You can use the bracket as a floor stand and have it blow at an angle upwards or towards the audience. You can also use the ECO2JET Bracket (MFX1802) to mount the ECO2JET in a truss or on a scaff pipe. The ECO2JET can then be directed in all directions and thus also blow straight ahead or diagonally downwards.
The effect of the ECO2JET at low humidity is much better than CO2JETS. This is because, unlike CO2, the effect does not depend on humidity. At low humidity, for example at a festival during the day when the sun is shining, smoke from the ECO2JET still reaches 12 meters, where CO2 sometimes reaches less than 4 meters.
The ECO2JET produces significantly less noise. A CO2JET produces up to 115 dB where a the ECO2JET produces up to a maximum of 95 dB. So much more pleasant for DJs, artists and stage crew.
FULL-mode does not affect the effect, only the warm-up time.
In ECO-mode: 18 min (1500 W)
In FULL-mode: 9 min (3500 W)
Using ECO2JETS is more environmentally friendly than CO2JETS, because it eliminates the need of CO2 gas cylinders, thereby reducing its contribution to the greenhouse effect and climate change. In addition, producing CO2 requires energy, often from burning fossil fuels, which leads to greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to global warming.

The use of ECO2JETS also eliminates the need to transport heavy gas cylinders leading to lower CO2 emissions from transport operations. The ECO2JET uses a special liquid based on distilled water instead of CO2 gas. With just 1 fluid can, you can blow smoke for 13 minutes which is equivalent to 13 large 50L CO2 gas cylinders.
Compared to CO2JETS, ECO2JETS do consume more power. However, through clever heater management, the ECO2JET uses less power than standard smoke machines. You can activate the heater yourself prior to the effect, so it does not have to be on continuously and power consumption can be significantly less. Moreover, ECO2JETS can be powered by renewable energy which is already available at more and more events.
A specially developed fluid is used for the ECO2JET. This liquid creates a thick white smoke cloud. The liquid is formulated so that the smoke also disappears quickly, just like CO2. The fluid is available in an indoor and outdoor version. The indoor version is slightly lighter, so the smoke disappears even faster.
We offer a special designed SMOKEJET Fluid which evaporates very quickly to create a ‘CO2-like effect’.
The SMOKEJET uses 2,5ml per second. In total about 17 minutes of effect with 2,5L of SMOKEJET Fluid.
A SMOKEJET always comes standard with a remote controller which is paired to the machine. When you lost a remote or when you use another remote you need to pair it with the machine. Hold the 'DOWN' button and power the SMOKEJET. The screen will start blinking after a few seconds. Within the menu that appears you will get the option to delete and to pair a remote. Delete the remote first in the menu. When this is done repeat the first step by holding the ‘DOWN’ button and powering the SMOKEJET. You can now pair the desired remote to your device. You can pair multiple SMOKEJETS to one remote.


STAGE FANS are low noise fans designed to create a wind effect on stage. The FX-BLOWER is more powerful and blows a strong wind in a more narrow direction. FX-BLOWERS are often used to blow smoke of fog machines or other effects to a larger distance.
STAGE FAN / STAGE FAN XL: Yes. Set the highest speed (nr. 3) and use a dimmer pack.
FX-BLOWER: No. The FX-BLOWER is not designed to be controlled by a dimmer.
STAGE FAN - 53dB(A)*
STAGE FAN XL - 65dB(A) *
FX-BLOWER - 73dB(A)*
* measured from a distance of 7m.



Yes, for sure it is! Safety always comes first. That's why our confetti is flameproof. Our confetti is officially certified and B1 tested. Download the flameproof certificate on our downloads page.
Yes it is. We care about our planet. That is why we produce our confetti from a specially developed tissue paper which is flameproof and biodegradable. All MAGIC FX paper confetti and streamers in the following colours: dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, black, white, red, pink, purple, yellow and orange are officially TÜV OK biodegradable certified.
After the development and approval of the new biodegradable and flame retardant paper material (end 2021), we already started producing our consumables with the new material. It was only waiting for the final test and certification procedure from TÜV Austria in 2022.
All new brown, cardboard (BLOW YOUR MIND branded) boxes contain the new biodegradable paper confetti and streamers (except fluo colours). All old white cardboard boxes contain confetti and streamers which is NOT biodegradable!
Biodegradable and water soluble are two different concepts. Ultimately, many materials break down but it’s important to care about what’s left behind in the environment. Our biodegradable confetti doesn’t dissolve immediately after one small rain shower just like a leaf from a tree doesn’t dissolve within a few months. But the biodegradable confetti doesn’t harm the environment, it will not damage the soil and it breaks down within the TÜV standards (maximum of 2 years, our confetti breaks down within 3 months), which is not the case with water soluble confetti.
No it isn’t. Metallic confetti is made of PVC. We recommend to only use metallic confetti indoors and separate the confetti with the plastic waste after use.
Our confetti has been treated to be colourfast. However in rare cases, the confetti may leave stains. This might happen when confetti gets wet and comes in contact with impregnated material such as tents, wooden floors or furniture or in combination with alcohol or cleaning liquids. To make sure confetti won’t stain we advise to use white paper confetti. This colour will for sure not stain.
It took us 4 hours of counting with the entire team at the Friday afternoon drinks but we counted all of them and the answer is 55.000 pieces of paper. ;-)
Yes we can. We can make any shape you like. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with your design of the shape you like and we will make you an offer you can’t refuse.
Yes we can. We can print on confetti rectangles 55x17mm and rounds of 55mm, 1 side or 2 sides, one colour or full colour and we can even print on bank notes of 150x75mm. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with your design and we will come back to you with our best offer.


Bubbles are made of a soap based bubble fluid. When bubbles fall down on peoples clothes there will be a little bit of soap residue however we do not use dyes so you won’t see it and it won’t leave permanent stains.
Nope. UV bubbles will leave stains on people’s clothes which will not make them happy.
Yes bubbles are made of a soap based liquid. When a large amount of bubbles fall down on for example a flat/dance floor the floor will get slippery.


28cm shots: 60g confetti or 35 pcs of 5m streamers
50cm shots: 90g confetti or 65 pcs of 5m streamers
80cm shots: 180g confetti or 50 pcs of 10m streamers
Our electric shots fire very quickly. There can be a small delay but that will be less than a second. Every cannon has a wire which needs to melt. Most of the times you won’t even notice the delay.
Yes we can print a custom wrapping and make your own branded shots. There is a minimum order quantity of 1.000 pcs and a delivery time of approx. 4 months. For small quantities we recommend you to use standard shots and use stickers with your design.
No, cannons are listed under special provision 594 and can be shipped as non ADR. This is only for road cargo. There are other rules for ocean and air freight. For ocean and air freight, please contact our sales team to make you an offer including shipping costs.


No, as far as we know there is no good quality smoke fluid on the market. The coloured smoke effects you sometimes see at festivals are done with fireworks. Contact a professional fireworks company for coloured smoke effects.


Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) also called Isopropanol alcohol is an alcohol based liquid which is highly flammable. It burns up very rapidly and clean. This means you’ll get a nice yellow flame with not much smoke. Because of this it is very suitable for indoor use.

ISOPAR comes as a product from oil refineries and gives a nice and intense flame. This fluid causes a more orange/red flame which is topped with black smoke. For outdoor use and a good effect in broad daylight. We only supply ISOPAR L which has a high ignition temperature, and therefore it isn’t considered a dangerous good, which makes it easier to ship and perfect for touring purposes.


We don’t like yellow snow. ;-) No we don’t supply coloured snow or foam fluid. We did some testings but the colours stained on clothes, skin and hair of people. It won’t make anyone happy.
Our snow fluid is made of a biodegradable foam based fluid mixed with water. It’s mostly water and it doesn’t get slippery.
First fill your cans with water. Otherwise the foam party will already start when you start to fill your cans. ;-) Fill the can with 85% water and add 15% of foam/snow concentrate to make your snow fluid. Close the can and shake it. Shake it again before use.


Although the effect looks like real fireworks it is not. SPARXTAR powder is a special metal powder that lights up when it is heated. The SPARXTAR heats up the powder and blows it into the air.
With one bag of SPARXTAR powder (100g) you can blow sparks for approximately 5 minutes. We advise to use two bags of powder (200g). You can always save the leftover SPARXTAR powder by using the powder removal funnel.


If you place your order before 3 PM CE(S)T we are 99% sure that your order will leave our warehouse the same day. Orders for full pallets need to be placed before 2 PM CE(S)T to be shipped the same day.
Yes we can! Insert a different shipping address when you check out and we will ship it to the address you like. Note: for export shipments to countries outside the EU we need to add a commercial invoice to the shipment for custom clearance.
Yes for sure. We are open on working days from 08:00 – 17:30 hr. You’re more than welcome and you will get a nice cup of coffee as well.
Yep, no problem! We’ve got a 24 hours night safe. Contact our sales team and they will give you the code to open the safe and pick up your order whenever you want.


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