Magic FX

We love special effects.

We believe that a festival or event is not complete without special effects. It is an essential part of the show. That one mindblowing moment when everything comes together. A sky full of confetti, the heat of the flames, a powerful blast of CO2 or bubbles floating through the air... magic!


This is magic fx.

  • 20+ years experience
  • R&D dept. / engineering team
  • Factory in the Netherlands
  • Produced according to European standards
  • Technical service dept.
  • Large stock level
  • Fast delivery
  • Large network of FX professionals
  • Professional advice / support
  • Show / demonstration hall
  • Training / MAGIC FX Academy

Magic is something we make.

We will lead the way to the future of special effects. We design, develop, manufacture and supply innovative, top quality and safe special fx products for professionals. We go beyond imagination and make the impossible possible! Our range offers endless possibilities to create the greatest show ever. We make sure our products are easy accessible all over the world, through our worldwide dealer and pro-user network.